Throwing it back to a heartwarming celebration filled with respect, warm wishes, and unforgettable moments as we honored the incredible women of Pontech JSC and women all around the world!

Our small party was a tribute to the hard work, dedication, and brilliance of women who play vital roles not only in our company but in shaping industries and communities globally. From leaders to team members, each woman was celebrated with the utmost respect and admiration.

It was a day brimming with heartfelt wishes and appreciation as colleagues came together to express gratitude for the invaluable contributions of women everywhere. Small gestures of kindness and words of encouragement filled the air, creating a warm and supportive atmosphere.

Laughter, smiles, and camaraderie filled the room as we shared stories, memories, and aspirations. From uplifting conversations to shared experiences, every moment was a reminder of the strength and unity within our Pontech family and the larger community of women.

As we look back on this special day, we carry with us the spirit of respect, gratitude, and empowerment that defines Pontech JSC. Here’s to celebrating the amazing women who inspire us every day, both within our company and beyond!

📽️ Check out the highlights of our lovely moment: 


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